PetLift Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor for Low Tubs

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SKU: A41-675


PetLift Low-Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor

Our PetLift Low-Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor provides you with an easy solution for hooking up even the lowest tubs. The low profiled J-trap provides excellent drainage, for tubs that are lower to the floor and cannot fit a standard P-trap. The wide strainer receptacle meets IAMPA plumbing codes for the United States. Not only does this unit keep hair and debris out of your waste system, preventing costly bills and plumbing costs, it also gives you the advantage to cut down and almost eliminate sewage gases from drifting out of the drain pipe into your home or building. This larger, all stainless steel strainer is American made and provides greater volume and large capacity benefits to handle larger volumes of hair, fur and debris. Protects and keeps your septic or public water systems running smoothly. This system provides you easy access to the low-wide cylinder and gives you the ability to remove the fur from the top inside area of your bathing tub. The strainer basket unit can be easily emptied in a flash from the inside of the tub without tools and buckets.